Episode 1

Published on:

28th May 2021

What Is Music?

A simple definition of music is that it is ‘organized sound’. Yet, how sound is organized matters. Scholars suggest that different music traditions may not just structure music differently but have distinct ideas of what music is. At a point in time, what many of us recognize as music today i.e. music as sound may have been inseparable from music as movement i.e dance. For some, music is best understood through the various roles it plays, such as bringing people together and underlining both traditional and contemporary healing practices. 

This episode explores how the understanding of music has evolved over time, and across cultures, providing an overview of the effect of music on mental health and wellbeing.

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In Tune
Exploring Music, Mental Health, & Wellbeing
Through the lens of diverse global health practitioners, mental health specialists, music therapists, and artists, 'In Tune' explores the role of music in mental health and wellbeing. This six-episode series unpacks what music means in different contexts, deep dives into current practices and new innovations in music therapy, and music as a tool for healing, both in the African context and beyond.

In Tune is hosted by Hamwe Festival, a pioneering arts in health initiative with a bold mission to strengthen collaboration between the creative and health sectors. Hamwe Festival is an initiative of the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE), a global health sciences institution in Rwanda radically changing the way health care is delivered around the world by reimagining health education.

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Hamwe Festival is a collaboration between global health professionals and creatives who share the same belief that, to achieve global health equity, bridges must be built across sectors. It aims to bring together professionals and artists from all over the world who hold discussions and performances respectively, about the role of the arts in public health.

Hamwe Festival is an initiative of the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE), a global health sciences university based in Rwanda radically transforming global health delivery by reimagining health education.